Friday, November 20, 2009

SciFi OS ?

Now lets think about it

a) Do i need to buy a new say a cheapest notebook or something to get online ?
One more device .... Grrrr. I am already finding it hard to find my ipod, iphone, mobile, laptop, desktop, Kindle.... and now this chrome browser OS device?

b) Just to avoid 45 seconds ?? Is it end of the world, and what could i do with it prepare a sandwich ? Wow thats something useful.My tummy is making some noise now ;)

c) Oh yeah and the guy says i could play games. Those stupid online games... Dude its the time of Modern Warfare -2 ... oh yeah but he is expecting me to play it on Xbox or PS3 Grrr one more device...

And the worst part if everything is internet... Can you say something like "Speed" ??? Internet connections still suck. And fast connections can be found either if you have a big pocket or in your office.

Don;t think it will be realistic for quite sometime in future.

I want to say one thing its a pretty cool video and the guys lingo is kinda cool. Wondering how did he do the graphics ???

I call it Science Fiction OS.

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