Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Set #2

Here is another set.

1. Brief Introduction?

2. Explain your latest project, how does it work?

3. Explain Aggregation, Composition and Association with examples?

4. In case you have a huge data set and need really fast insertion and retrieval, which data structure can be used?

5. Write a program to reverse a number without using library functions.

6. Explain JVM Class loading?

7. Suppose you have app server which has multiple web applications. Each web application has its own version of say jdom.jar how does the app server handle this scenario?

8. Explain tag handler class life cycle.

9. What is the purpose of tld’s, tags?

10. Explain nesting of tags in case of JSPs. Custom tags?

Set #1

Here is the first set, hope more will follow.

1. Brief introduction?

2. What is the difference between method overloading and method overriding? Can we override methods with different return types?

3. What is the difference between Hashtable and HashMap?

4. What is TreeMap?

5. Which data structure one can use for fast insertion and fast deletion?

6. What is the significance of equals () and hashCode () when using HashMap ?

7. Explain wait () notify () and notifyAll ()?

8. What happens after the sleep () returns? Can one thread cause another thread to sleep?

9. Do static fields get serialized?

10. What are the differences between public and protected keywords?

11. How can you make class immutable? Deep Copy.

12. What is auto boxing?

13. Which data structure is used in buckets in HashMap?

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