Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Set #3

1. Explain the current project, your roles, tools and technology used.
2. Explain Singleton pattern. And how can you optimize it. Double Checked Singleton.
3. Write pseudo code for Stack Implementation.
4. Explain deadlock.
5 Explain synchronization.
6. Explain ConcurrentModificationException.
7. What you think about when you write multi threaded applications ?
8. What is the difference between single and multi threaded ?
9. Static initializer block intialize i to 10
Initialize i to 20 in constructor
In main Print values of i , instantiate and then print iagain.
10. In a HashMap:
String a = "xx", b="yy", c="zz"
HashMap x = new HashMap();
a = "lsi"
If the value of one of the keys say 'a' is changed , will the key value in hash map change?
11. In a single linked list there is a pointer to node x , how do you delete it?
12. An large array of consiting of only 1s 2s , how do you sort it in 0(n) time complexity?

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